Miscellaneous Items

We supply 16” Flue Sets which are used for an open fire as the starter at the base of the chimney. We can also manufacture cooker slabs for those new builds putting in a stove. These can be made to order suiting your specific dimensions & requirements.


Door thresholds are also known as slipcills and are the finished face underneath your external doors. These come in a number of lengths and sizes. 1100mm 6×4 & 6×3; 1500mm 6×4 & 6×3; 2000mm 6×4 & 6×3 and 3000mm 6×4 & 9×4.


We manufacture and supply concrete Quoins which have a depth of 215mm or 9”. These quoins are built into the blockwork and give a strong decorative finish to the corners of your building.


We also supply a wide range of steps to suit the specific dimensions of your door openings.


We keep a wide selection of blocks in stock to ensure that we can meet the requirements of any order. We stock the following sizes, 4”, 6” & 12” Blocks, 4” & 6” Soapbars and Concrete Bricks.