Ready Made Mortar
Ready-to-use mortars are made in factories under tightly-controlled conditions and delivered to site, ready to use. They have guaranteed mix proportions and overcome any potential problems relating to site mixing.

Wet ready-to-use mortars are stored in tubs on site and require no further mixing. They incorporate a retarding agent which makes them fully usable for a specific period - usually some 12-36 hours.

Renowned for our consistent top quality floor screed, Smith Concrete offers correctly proportioned factory batched screed at unbelievable prices. Our ready-to-use cement & sand screed is ideal for flooring and roofing applications. It can be used as ground floor slabs (floating foundations), used on suspended floors, as a topping to lightweight screeds based on perlite or other lightweight aggregates and can also be used as a floating construction over insulation to give acoustic or thermal properties.

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